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My inspiration comes in the form of topics and concepts. I explore these muses in a variety of media. A specific concept may be better explored in serigraph rather than encaustic. And vice- versa. Something might lend itself to dry media vs. wet. Sometimes a project takes a turn midway through and goes into a completely new direction. Each of these projects produces a selection of pieces that later becomes a suite of work.

Abundance (2021)

Abundance is an examination of the concept of wealth through the lens of social stratification. Subject matter includes a seated portrait of a "homeless" man (Shawn Smith), an aerial view of the camp he calls home, as well as symbols of wealth in the form of an overstocked refrigerator interior and spoiling groceries.

Youthful Commodities (2016-current)

Youthful Commodities is a project involving the use of assemblages, encaustics, and forms of printmaking to remind the viewer of the vulnerability of American labor standards. I utilize public domain images taken by Lewis Hine 100 years ago as part of his efforts on behalf of the National Committee on Child Labor. This body of work is as much a tribute to his (and fellow activists) efforts as it is to the children the images depict.

One component of this project features hundreds of sardine tins embedded with encaustic image transfers of the children that once labored in American sardine canneries circa 1911-1915. By embedding the images in the cans, devoid of context beyond their expressions, I hope to draw attention to the commodification of these children and their childhoods. By assembly line producing the cans in my studio, I echo the repetitive to their labors.

Judith (2016 - current)

Using the Book of Judith as a point of departure, I addressed this classic story with modern twists and wove in threads of revenge, sex, violence, beauty, virtue, as well as the concepts of the underdog and  female empowerment. 

This project spans the spectrum of my proficiency in two dimensional media. Screen printing, powdered charcoal and graphite, acrylic and oil based media were used to generate the pieces that populate this suite of work.

Kansas City Strip (2020)

A serigraph exploration of Kansas City's burlesk and go-go past. Primarily based off of actual handbills and advertisements from the Kansas City Star/Times circa 1940 to 1970. The Folly, The Yum Yum Lounge, Cat Balleu, the Strand "Art Theatre", the Jewel Box, and the Old Chelsea all make an appearance. 

Take it to the Bridge (2014 - 2019)

An homage to the iconic A.S.B. Bridge. Every kind of media and every kind of perspective explores this very special structure on our riverfront. 

Intimate Spaces (ongoing)

Personal places and moments. Typically painted from observation.

Coordinates (2019 - 2020) 

Location. Location. Location. It's all about the history and future at a certain point in space. 

Narcissus Smirked (2016)

A snapshot of our selfie culture. The age of cell phones, filters, and the ability to make the perfect self-portrait to be shared with all the world in a matter of seconds.

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